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Physician's Wireless Stethoscope

Freedom Scope - Physician's Wireless Stethoscope

Freedomscope offers doctors and nurses "freedom" from the heavy plastic tube that tethers you in face-to-face proximity with contagion.  It allows you to straighten up, step back and move about the patient freely to examine them.  It minimizes germ transfer as there is no tubing to drag along infected patient or hospital surfaces and carry back into your labcoat.  The aucoustics of Freedomscope exceed those of the manual stethoscope plus provide for volume adjustments for use in noise-filled environments.

Freedomscope, the world’s first wireless medical stethoscope will become the new standard of care for physicians, nurses and health care providers.  Since the days of Hippocrates, auscultation has been the cornerstone of doctor's assessment for over 2000 years.  Freedomscope brings the next standard of care to the medical profession with Bluetooth® wireless technology.


Physicians, Paramedics, and Anesthesiologists; Continuous Wireless Auscultation under Anesthesia

Hearing Disabled, Health Care Provider, WTC, Nuclear Provider

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