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Robert Paglia


Robert Paglia


• Bob brings 25+ years of biopharma industry experience, including 20 years in payer marketing and healtheconomics, to Entrée Health, a division of CDM. Bob has led payer-strategy teams on over 100 biopharmaceutical products, during every stage of development and lifecycle.

• Prior to joining Entrée Health, Bob was the Worldwide Practice Lead, for Parexel International’s market access and healtheconomics practice. While at Parexel, Bob led consulting teams in the US, Europe, and Asia. He conducted many original primary research studies, in market access, and has presented his findings to professional audiences across the world.

• For over a decade, Bob was the president, founder, and co-owner of Evolution Health Initiatives, which he grew into the largest payer-agency in the US.

• Bob began his career as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Upon completing his MBA, he joined Johnson & Johnson as product manager for Janssen’s allergy/respiratory division. He has developed market-access strategies and tactics in numerous therapeutic categories including hematology , infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, female health, oncology, anesthesiology , CNS, respiratory disease, arthritis, allergy, dermatology, and medical devices.

• Bob received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Rutgers College of Pharmacy, his MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and training in health economics and outcomes research from University of Arizona College of Pharmacy’s Center for Outcomes Research and PharmacoEconomics.

Physicians, Paramedics, and Anesthesiologists; Continuous Wireless Auscultation under Anesthesia

Hearing Disabled, Health Care Provider, WTC, Nuclear Provider

Response Team, Bird Flu, History


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